Are your lips RED-Y for Christmas?

Probably the most wonderful time of the year - Christmas and a New Year's Eve.

The classic red lipstick is a must for each woman but most of us struggle to find what actually works on their skin tones. We've understood you completely!

How to choose the perfect red lipstick color for you?

Let's start with your skin tone. There are few tones and the appropriate lipsticks for them:


Very Fair Skin: Always burn, cannot tan

You can try a blue-based and coral-toned reds.

Try: Praline Creamy Lipstick “Coral 3618”. Be brave enough to experiment.


Fair Skin: Usually burns, sometimes tans

Look for... blue/red shades. Blue tones contrast with pinky tones in fair skin to make lips pop.

Try: Velvet Infinite Color “Red 3423”


Olive Skin: Rarely burns, always tans

Why not reds with a coral or orange base plus a shiny texture.

Why: A shiny rather than matte texture helps the lipstick to stand out on darker skin and enhances the color

Try: Crystal Shine Glossy “Passion Peach 05” or “Lucky Orange 07


Medium Skin: Sometimes burns, usually tans

Gold and yellow-toned skin looks best with a warmer, orange-based red or contrasted with punchy wine shades.

Try: Duo Color “Coral Send 01” or “Red Dark Red 03”, and now on sale


Dark Skin: Rarely burns, tans easily

Warmer-toned skin looks stunning with cool blue tones, rather than orange-based colors.

Try: Fashion News Classic “Pure Red 10” or any other “only” red colors.


Darker Skin: Never Burns

Yellow and red undertones are characteristic of dark skin which is complimented best by vibrant, strong colors.

Try: Play Girl Matt Velvet Ruby 3415, Burgundy or Irresistible Bordeaux 3419


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