Divage presents the METALLIC VIBES capsule collection

Eyeshadows and nail polishes for a gritty look.

METALLIC VIBES is a collection that audaciously interprets the metallic trend, playing with magnetic and super pigmented colours: the Everlasting nail varnishes, Metallic Glow eyeshadows and the Metal Glam liquid lipsticks, interpret nails with vibrant and intense force, luminous and bright eyes and lips in dazzling shades. Metallic Glow, in four sparkling shades, is a highlighting technological eyeshadow with a formula based on oils and concentrated pigments for an ultra-intense result without drying the skin.

Thanks to it technology, it can be used with a wet brush to obtain an original wet effect. Everlasting nail varnish, available in four strong colours, contains a special concentrated formula of pigments in a double layer of gel. Its formulation guarantees rapid drying and ensures a duration of 7 days without requiring touch-ups. Metal Glam Liquid Lipstick, which is applied like a gloss but has the finish of a lipstick, gives a pure metal effect to lips.


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